Summer Learning Fun Kit

What is in your Summer Learning Fun Kit?  Check out this VIDEO to see what might be in YOUR kit!

Each kit was especially created for a specific grade level (PreK- 4).  There are items that help build math and literacy skills, fine and gross motor skills, and inspire creativity!

Some kits contain a Math Toolbox with manipulatives that you can use to play all kinds of games that support math skills learned this year.  See the guide contained in the tool kit.

All kits have a selection of reading materials - 2 Disney books and a set of Scholastic books with colored pencils & activities.

You will find a jumprope, a butterfly net and a kite to inspire gross motor development.  There are colored pencils and slime foam to build fine motor skills. 

The most important part of this kit is YOU.  Our hope is that you and your child will have many conversations as you use the items in this kit.  Conversations build brains in amazing ways that help children throughout their school career!   

You can create you own ideas about how to use everything in the kit!  The most important thing to do is to talk WITH your child. 

Children learn how to talk and listen as they grow and develop. Positive talking and listening is about taking turns, speaking politely, not interrupting and not talking back.

Talking and listening

You might know this scene. You’re on the phone or having a coffee with a friend when your child bursts in – again – with a Lego emergency or a demand to ‘watch me dance like Angelina, Mummy!’

This might be frustrating, but it’s also pretty normal. Learning how to communicate with others is a big step for your child. It’ll take time for your child to learn how to talk to and listen to other people.

Self-regulation is an important part of learning to talk and listen, and it’s harder for some children than others.

The kind of temperament your child has plays a part too – a very social child might want to be involved in every conversation and have trouble listening. On the other hand, a child who isn’t as social will probably find it easier to listen but might find it harder to respond.

Being able to talk and listen to others is important for kids. It helps children make friends, be listened to, ask for what they need and mix with others.

Learning to talk and listen

When it comes to learning about talking and listening, your child will learn from you.  If you try to speak to your partner, your friends and your children in the way you’d like your child to speak, it’ll help your child to learn.

You can also teach your child by prompting, guiding and practicing. Your child is likely to learn best when you tell him/her clearly what you want him/her to do. For example, you might:

  • prompt your child by saying, ‘Please say thank you to Grandma for taking you to the park’
  • guide your child by saying, ‘Sarah, if I’m speaking to someone you need to say “Excuse me”, and then wait until I’m ready to listen’
  • have practice conversations with your child where you take turns asking questions and listening to answers.
Children learn best when they have lots of chances to speak and practice talking and listening. Pretend play is one fun way to do this. For example, ‘Let’s pretend that you’re the mommy talking on the telephone and I’m the little boy. What should I do if I want to talk to you?’

Positive talking and listening

Being able to talk and listen well involves:

  • starting conversations
  • knowing how to get attention in the right way – for example, by waiting for a break and saying ‘Excuse me’
  • using eye contact
  • taking turns talking and listening
  • being able to speak clearly and in sentences that are at the child’s age level
  • speaking politely, without talking back
  • knowing when to stop talking.

Some children pick up this up quickly, and others might need a gentle reminder – for example, ‘Rana, please look at me when you’re speaking to me’.

Have fun & keep on talking with your child!

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